Membership is open to private pilots of all certification levels. To be considered for membership, you will need to fill out a club application, and submit the required documentation and initiation fee to a Board Member. Membership applications must be approved by a minimum of three Club Board Members.

Required Documentation:

  • Membership application (download here)
  • Photocopy of Drivers License
  • Photocopy of Pilot Certificate
  • Photocopy of Medical Certificate
  • Photocopy of last page of your log book


Initiation Fee:

  • $300 for Certificated Pilot



  • Monthly Membership Fee: $75
  • Hourly Dry Rate for Certificated Pilot: $45



  • A short checkride is required with the chief flight instructor prior to solo flight.
  • For additional information please contact:


Member Billing

Statements are mailed (emailed) on the last day of the month. Payment is due on receipt and can be made by check, cash, or PayPal.

Aircraft Scheduling

Online aircraft scheduling is provided by

Aircraft useage ranges about 200-300 hr/yr and is typically readily available for use.

It is permissible to sign-out the aircraft for overnight or extended trips. To take an aircraft for an entire day, the Club suggests that a minimum usage of 1 hour Hobbs time per day on weekdays, and 3 hours per day on weekends be planned for each day the aircraft is away.